2010, Alan Istanbul Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Communication overseas is magically fast, you only need to click a button in order to contact anybody anywhere. But can we truly encounter them? What internet can really offer is only an intangible, restricted representation of reality. The digital age creates its own culture, with its signs and icons. Internet brings a question of disembodiment, the lack of physical reality. Human being is turned into a virtual figure which is present and absent at the same time, who is completely disembodied but still present. The cold mechanical interface of a computer or a cellular phone is the only port through which he can interact with the rest of the world. The medium of painting is contradicting the rapidity of our age because it is a traditional technique that needs patience, care and years of practice. It refers to the past when everything was slower and affective and a still image had a deeper impact. To depict the contemporary era of the restless moving images with painting is an effort to emphasise the contrast between past and today.