Performing the Threshold 2020

Opening: 30.10.2020, 15:00 – 20:00
Exhibition dates: 30.10.–12.11.2020

Žarko Aleksić, Deniz Güvensoy, Jelena Micić , Željka Aleksić

‘Performing the Threshold’ is a project that aims to analyse the concept of the border from the perspective of performativity.  The border, which is usually simplified as a distinction line between two diverse entities such as territories, disciplines, counter narratives or gender binaries; is performative. The performativity of the border underlines that the border is much more than a separation, it is a threshold (schwelle) which evokes transformation, action and passage. The threshold is a zone of potentialities, where the stability of the border and the acceptability of binaries are radically questioned and challenged. Border performativity relates with the gender performativity as the border is ‘real’, only when it is performed. Bodily and linguistic performances such as state regulations, procedures, rituals, narratives as well as protests and acts of  resistance continuously perform the border.