Zones 2014-2015

Camouflage inspired series deal with the similarity between the cartographic projections and the camouflage patterns, which vary from one state to another. They seem to consist of random shapes and colors. Despite their arbitrariness; their scales, colours and forms are repeated in a standardised manner differing between countries. Cartographical projection of the earth is based on the standardisation of the land into calculable units. Cartography has the difficult task to transform the arbitrary geographical forms (rivers, mountains, deserts, sea ..) into an imagined order, determined by the power structures. Camouflage visually evokes the mapping of the earth. It reveals the never ending human desire to contour and b/order the territory by ethnic conflicts and wars. Both camouflage and mapping are performative as they dictate a certain discourse on the physical world.

Another theme is inspired from the Bosphorus Bridge in my hometown, Istanbul which is a threshold that connects Europe and Asia, a nationalist symbol of connecting Eastern and Western identities. The bridge both evokes connection and separation. More than its function as a bridge; it offers many metaphors: the palimpsest of the historical layers of the city, a focus of tension in a military coup, a meeting point of suicides and a threatening and beautiful landscape.